This Project I realized in cooperation with Andreas Knapp.

It is about handprinted posters, through combining letterpress and silkscreenprinting.
The folded, perforated and tacked Posters are serving as magazines, but can be
reopened and hung up.The magazines were for free and include the manifesto of
ROUGH ABER REAL. The exhibition, which included a poetry-lecture and a concert,
took place the 15.12.2011 at the Zucker in Darmstadt.

– More than slang, more than a design concept.
– An attitude focused on the aesthetics of honesty and purity.
– Means: meeting, conversation and shared experiences.
– Keep it simple: “Vom Herz mit Kopf von Hand”

Watch the “ROUGH ABER REAL” Making of here

Exhibition photos shot by Leopold Fiala.

RAR_-2408RAR_- Rough_Aber_Real-1105 RAR_-1112 RAR_-1114  RAR_-2499 RAR_-2523 RAR_-1034Rough_Aber_Real-1036 Rough_Aber_Real-1037   RAR_-0732 RAR_-0718 RAR_-0709

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