Printing-guide posterseries

For my diploma I worked on a posterseries. On one side each one explains another printingtechnique (letterpress, screenprint, risography). The other sides show designs which play with the important angels of each printingtechnology. I produced about 40 handprinted and folded posters each (both sides printed in the appropriate technique). I still got some pieces, so if you are interested in a copy let me know.

Diplom_MG_9243-Bearbeitet_72dpiWEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9245WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9250WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9252 WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9153 WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9228 WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9226 WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9220 WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9171 WEB_Diplom_plakate_klein-9193

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